Suwen chose Inveon to power its digital commerce!

Suwen was established in 2005, with the aim of making comfortable and useful lingerie for women of all sizes. The brand mixes high quality and elegant designs with affordable prices.

With its slogan “My body is so special”, Suwen represents confident, classy and passionate women. Its wide product range includes lingerie, home wear, socks, corsets, swimwear and maternity wear. The brand aims to expand its store network in Turkey, as well as to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, MEA and the Far East.

Suwen and Inveon established a partnership that significantly boosted the brand’s digital commerce operations in a short period of time. With the UI & UX improvements that Inveon’s team achieved, customers are now able to have a fast and easy shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction.

The renewed online store,, enables customers to view the various color options of a certain product, and complete transactions in a single page. Moreover, customers can cancel their orders within 30 minutes after the completion with just a few clicks.

AYJE, the premium swimwear brand of Bateks, is growing its digital operations with GrowthLab!

Bateks, Turkey’s largest swimwear and underwear manufacturer, was founded in 1996 and has become the leading company in the industry. Today, it exports more than half of its products to 31 countries in 5 continents. It is also known as the manufacturer of swimwear and underwear collections of many world-famous brands including H&M, Top Shop, Oysho, Penti and Decathlon.

With its years of experience and superior manufacturing capacity, Bateks established its own premium swimwear brand, AYJE, in 2019. AYJE distinguishes itself in the industry with its accumulated know-how regarding fabric and container factories, in addition to mold and model preparation.

Moreover, AYJE defines itself as a body-positive brand, encouraging acceptance of all bodies regardless of the form, size, or appearance. The products were designed with the mindset that all women are beautiful and should have a positive body image, to feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies.

AYJE chose Inveon GrowthLab to offer its products to all “women in the world who are as free as the sea”. The GrowthLab team will lead the brand’s domestic and cross-border e-commerce operations, along with its digital marketing and market entry strategies. With GrowthLab, AYJE will be able to build brand awareness across the world with highly personalized campaigns and advertorials.

AYJE released its first collection in April 2019, which is currently on sale on, as well as at Vakkorama, Sign In Store Alaçatı and Mendo’s.