Linens enhanced its digital commerce operations with Inveon’s inCommerce platform!

Linens, the international home textile retailer from Turkey, was founded by Zorlu Textile Group in 2000. By bringing the approach of end-to-end customer service to the home textile sector, Linens proved itself as a brand that guarantees unconditional and prompt customer satisfaction. It became the first home textile chain of Turkey that has ever expanded its store network abroad. With a total of 86 stores operating in 8 countries, Linens continues to grow internationally.

Inveon and Linens teamed up to transfer the website’s infrastructure to the inCommerce platform, with the aim of aligning its digital commerce power with the company’s accelerating growth.

Inveon Team renewed the website’s UI&UX design while increasing the overall website performance. They also added a new module to the inCommerce platform, enabling real time tracking of cancellations and returns. With this module, the reasons for cancellations and returns can also be viewed by the Linens admin users.

Moreover, the stock and order management were optimized so that Linens can ship orders faster and easier through prioritizing the stock points according to product availability. As a result of the optimization measures carried out by Inveon, orders can now be shipped faster, and extra logistics costs will be eliminated.

Event: Retaining Customers for Growth by Inveon & Emarsys

The “Retaining Customers for Growth” event was organized by Inveon and Emarsys Turkey on the 18th of April, 2019, at Dome Istanbul.

The event started with an opening speech by Inveon Partner, Moris Kastro. He shared results from the most recent research in customer retention and stated that “increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%”. He also pointed out that the current customers are 50% more likely to buy the new products offered by a brand, and they generally spend 33% more than new customers.  

Later, Güneş Mitrani, the Head of GrowthLab, took the stage and shared a roadmap for companies that want to capture the trend of hyper-personalization. She began her presentation by explaining the growing importance of personalization and its impact on the e-commerce sector. Then, she shared the details of the RFM model used for analyzing customer value and how it can be used as a transitional model to hyper-personalization. Mitrani also showed the successful results of GrowthLab’s personalized campaigns. She added, “Hyper-personalization is the future of marketing in all sectors that are targeting end users. Companies that are not already getting prepared for hyper-personalization will face the risk of losing their competitive edge.”

Next, Emre Güzey, the Managing Director of Emarsys Turkey, made a presentation regarding the management of the customer lifecycle under limited resources. Güzey stated that 98% of customers never convert, while 70% of that %2 who converted are one-time shoppers. To overcome this challenge, he emphasized that “companies should discover the data, understand the customers, automatize the engagement strategies and measure their marketing performance”.

Finally, the panel “Increasing Customer Lifetime Value”, moderated by Moris Kastro, took place with the participation of Betül Bulut, the Head of CRM at Modanisa, Deniz Gol, Head of Global Internet and Outlet Operations at Colin’s, and Mustafa Kemal Temel, E-Commerce Marketing Director at Flo. The panelists elaborated on the tips and methods of increasing the customer loyalty and their lifetime values. They talked about the use of data analytics and new technologies in the creation of personalized campaigns. Moreover, they shared tips on how to overcome the challenges of customer relationship management.

Orta Doğu’nun en büyük lüks perakendecisi Chalhoub Group, The Deal’ın dijital operasyonları için Inveon’un inCommerce platformunu tercih etti!

1955 yılında Suriye’de ilk butik mağazasını açan Chalhoub Group, o günden bu yana bünyesine 65’ten fazla şirketi katarak Orta Doğu’nun en büyük lüks güzellik, moda ve hediyelik eşya distribütörü haline geldi.

Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Mısır ve Hindistan dahil olmak üzere 14 farklı ülkede faaliyet gösteren Chalhoub Group; güzellik, moda, ayakkabı, aksesuar ve dekorasyon sektörlerinden 600’den fazla markayı çatısı altında toplayan The Deal şirketinin e-ticaret altyapısı için Inveon’un inCommerce platformunu tercih etti. The Deal, online mağazası ile çok yakında dünya genelinde hizmet vermek üzere Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri’nde satışa başladı.

The Deal’ın e-ticaret altyapısında yer alan ürün bilgisi yönetimi (PIM), ödeme, lojistik ve CRM sistemlerinin tamamının entegrasyon süreci Inveon tarafından yürütüldü. inCommerce platformunun optimizasyon ve entegrasyon yetenekleri ile tüm e-ticaret altyapısı omni-channel müşteri deneyimine uygun şekilde tasarlandı.

Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Suudi Arabistan, Kuveyt ve Katar’da bulunan 13 mağazasıyla hizmet veren The Deal, inCommerce sayesinde farklı ülkelerde özelleşmiş üçüncü parti sistemlerinin tamamını Türkiye’den tek kanal ile yönetebilecek.

The Deal, lüks deneyimi dünyanın her yanındaki müşterileri için ulaşılabilir hale getirme misyonunu, ürün yelpazesini tüm dijital kanallardan Inveon’un inCommerce platformu ile müşterilerine sunarak gerçekleştirebilecek.