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Since 2009 Inveon has been serving over 50 renowned clients, such as Samsung, Under Armour, Colin’s, Columbia, H&M, Schneider Electric and more.

“With Inveon, we’ve had the opportunity to work together on our e-commerce initiative all the way from infrastructure development to digital marketing. We are delighted that Inveon has added value to our digital commerce channels.”

Melis Artun – Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager – Zorlu Holding

“The main reasons for choosing Inveon while opening our e-commerce channel in Turkey are that the team is very experienced and their references are compatible with our sector. We thank Inveon for contributing to the localization of Under Armor, one of the biggest and most important sportswear brands in the world, and for ensuring the success of Turkey operation.”

Onur Sarı – E-Commerce Manager – Under Armour

Didem Çiğdem Kırlı
Digital Sales and Marketing Manager / Adil Işık Group

Çiğdem Yılmaz
Internet Sales Manager / Gözalan Group

“We could not get the right feedback from our online platforms. Our experience on this subject was not very accurate. We started to work with Inveon to strengthen our e-commerce platform. Inveon not only provided us with the site and infrastructure, but also supported the development of customer experience, the enhancement of marketing activities and the access to more and more accurate customers. In the framework of trust, we work together lovingly.”

Çiğdem Yılmaz – Internet Sales Manager – Gözalan Group

“We wanted to invest in digital and online, so we went to search for a technological partner. From the first day, we noticed that we spoke the same language with Inveon. Inveon has a very important place for us in terms of strategic partnership. Our memberships went up 8 times, our revenue 4.5 times. 56 percent of our traffic and 31 percent of our revenue comes from mobile channels thanks to Inveon.”

Didem Çiğdem Kırlı – Digital Sales and Marketing Manager – Adil Işık Group

“As part of our collaboration with Inveon, we are focusing on the management and optimization of our digital performance marketing channels. Our expertise in digital business development and management has enabled us to make a difference in creating leads in the real estate sector. We would like to thank Inveon for the value they have brought to Skyland Istanbul.”

Yelda Altürk – Marketing and Corporate Communications Director – Eroğlu Gayrimenkul

“We had complete confidence in being established of 1V1Y.com to Inveon part who takes as a technology, e-commerce strategy consultant. Inveon knows retail and e-commerce sector very well, we started in this business partnership by trusting Inveon’s know-how.”
Gizem Burteçin – Co-Founder & CMO – 1V1Y.com

Yonca Aközer
Alkaş Perakende
Mehmet Dumlu
Alfred Concierge Services

“We have completed the development of our local policy management system with Inveon as short as three months. We appreciate Inveon, our dynamic and reliable business partner for the effort they have shown and their professional support at every stage of this project that has eased our day to day lives.”
Aslan Pinhas – IT Director – Coface Sigorta

Hikmet Özkavaf
Jones Lang LaSalle

“Our cooperation with Inveon started with our business needs in the licensing process and continued with the solution to the pricing processes.With project management experience and domination of the business processes and understanding the sector’s needs and producing solutions for the customers, Inveon was positioned in a different place from our other business partners. … ”
Serkan Erkovan – Lead Business Consultant – Boehringer Ingelheim