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Mobular – Mobile Commerce Application Solutions

InveonMobular – Mobile Commerce Application Solutions
With the recent technological developments, E-commerce has started to converge to a more mobile-centric state and users desire access to your brand at all times. Inveon’s mobile commerce product easily gives you the opportunity for adapting to a new state in the process, while placing you at the core of the mobile world. Boom your revenue, with this plug & play, socially integrated mobile experience.

Mobular Core

Digital Commerce Features

This feature contains user details, product details, checkout flow and payment infrastructure, in shor you would expect from a basic mobile commerce product. This feature ensures a flawless experience and is product of Inveon’s vast digital commerce experience.

Notification Services

Notification Services, are one of the prime features of mobile applications. This feature allows for brands the communicate with their customers with their own message.


With the help off mobile applications, you have a chance to take your analytic data in flow to the next level. You may customize your actions and gain more data about your customers, with automatic real time reporting.

Mobular Modules

Location Based Services
Location Based Services are a very good opportunity for brands to present a total brand experience. The brands will have a chance to engage their customers depending on their location.

In-Store Services
With this module, you may engage your customers, while they are in the store and help them through their shopping experience. You may track an out of stock item and sell it through the mobile application.

Advanced Notification Services
For a personalised experience, it is very important to deliver the right message, at the right time and at the right place. With this feature, we guide customers to the presented product in the notification.

Advanced Campaign Module
By compiling all the data inflow from the Mobile Application, we have developed a more personalised campaign module. With its flexible backbone, it is very easy to embed new campaign scenarios into the system.

Store Navigation
Your mobile application will serve as a navigational guide. Even though, the application seems like the point of contact, with this module, your customers will be accompanied to your physical store.

Loyalty Program
With the vast data inflow from the application, your loyalty program becomes more equipped and with the right integrations it becomes functional on the application, ensuring an omnichannel loyalty program experience.

Payment Systems
Consists of several payment gateways, improving your applications payment capabilities. Especially with features like credit card storage, your checkout process becomes even more flawless.

Customer Support
This feature is developed in order to have a single point of contact for all the customer support functions that the brand has. This feature also supports live chat.