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GrowthLab – Digital Business Developement & Management Solutions

InveonGrowthLab – Digital Business Developement & Management Solutions

How does GrowthLab help me improve my business?
Inveon has started a new business line that helps clients to have an all around approach towards UX Development, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Strategic Growth Management and Planning based on its know-how on recent technologies and methodologies. GrowthLab is a team made up of valuable team members that are expert in their fields, that aim to achieve success through their strategic approach.

Analysis and Strategy
A roadmap is established based on brands’ growth strategies and targets. After the plan is agreed upon, market evaluation is as important as the vision of the brand owner. The strategic approach is solidified with weekly and monthly recurring meetings. During this process, an exhaustive market research, competition analysis and sales channel evaluations are conducted, in order to optimize the allocation of our budget.

Digital Marketing Management
We try to improve site traffic with tools like Google Adwords, Display Banner planning, Affiliate Channels, Facebook Ads, Remarketing and Retargeting. The strength of “Digital Marketing Management Services” becomes obvious, when the optimized campaign schemes are created with the help of the right approach and accurate analysis of ad-driven traffic and revenue.

Marketing Operations

Our marketing operations include, but not limited to social media tools that focus on branding operations and to alter brand preferences. We prefer a multi-layer marketing structure that has an optimised budget to influence ratio in order to achieve the brand’s goals, while abiding the budgets.

“Performance Marketing” Tools
We integrate the best tools all-around the world in order to measure the performance of marketing operations. Our focus is to make the best tool that fits the brand while optimising cost to benefit ratio. We try to improve shopping tendency of each user through right usage of recommendation and personalisation engines.

Payment Options
We try to improve the tendency of shopping through alternative payment schemes and credit card storage option. Our main focus is to keep the security level as high as possible, while imrpoving the customer experience.

 User and Customer Management
“Digital Marketing Management Services” acknowledges that, at an E-commerce operation customer loyalty is as important as user acquisition, so our team plans different campaign schemes, to increase the customer lifetime value. With several collaborated approaches with leading banks, telecom companies and payment providers, we try to expand our target profile and increase brand-awareness. “Digital Marketing Management Services” also differentiates, in bringing different brands together to ensure development in the ecosystem.

Omni-Channel Approach
Nowadays, people tend to start and complete their shopping journey at different channels. To guarantee perfect customer experience in Omnichannel, we put ourselves in their shoes, while measuring each metric and engage them at the right place, right time and through the right channel. We continue our analysis to improve usages of location based technologies such as beacons, using a unified database of both online and offline customer data.

Operations Audit
The Operation stability is as important as the website usability and marketing operation. We regularly evaluate all the stages throughout the whole process starting from the initial stages of procurement, to the delivery and also the customer support.

Global Operations
“Digital Marketing Management Services” assists in managing the brands’ global expansion projects and helps them establish a road map by determining the target market, UI/UX, translations, choice of logistic service provider, customer support approach and local marketing functions.