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inCommerce – Digital Commerce Infrastructure Solutions

InveoninCommerce – Digital Commerce Infrastructure Solutions
How to Have a Successful E-Commerce Website?
To have a website that represents your brand image, we have an all around approach, thinking through everything such as accurately configured SEO infrastructure, UI/UX design, back-end configurations, database hosting and its maintenance. Some of the modules we offer to have a successful e-commerce site are flexible search module, product recommendation engine, lookbook, live support, several payment gateways, shipment tracking modules, and plug & play integrations with ERP systems.

E-Commerce Infrastructure
We develop user-friendly all around E-commerce infrastructures that fulfills your companies B2B or B2C needs. Our priority is to provide a backbone, that is versatile, scalable, reliable and flexible at the same time.

Improving Customer Experience by UI/UX Specialization
We care about listening to our customers’ requests and combining them with market trends to create solutions that apply to the target clientele. We use extensive user analytics and testing tools, while following the trends in the world to find the most suitable UX approaches for the brand to ensure maximized efficiency.

Campaign Modules
Campaigns and personalized content are very important for increasing customer loyalty and the success of your E-commerce Site. Our Plug & Play Campaign module is very flexible and it enables for you to materialize any campaign scenarios that you might have in mind.

Backbone Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions
We provide accurate insights on your digital marketing functions to increase its efficiency on reaching your target customer profile. We make sure that your brand is found easily with the right SEO structure, and use remarketing tools, for customer retention purposes.

CRM Solutions
Personalization of marketing content is very important on improving your business. The analytics capabilities are the key to sustainable success.
With our CRM tool ‘ Inveon Pearl’ you may monitor real-time performance fluctuations and gain valuable insight. The insight provided will help you to improve your sales strategy while increasing your profit margin and revenue. You may reduce your costs by monitoring store based merchandises, while improving store efficiency. New Customer Acquisition and increasing customer loyalty with target market focused incentives you may have a dynamic approach, in the dynamic retail sector.